What is the story behind 12 Minutes?

What is the story behind 12 Minutes?

Plot. Twelve Minutes is a decision-driven game involving time loops, however, the order of events will differ depending on how the game plays. A husband returns to his apartment after work and is greeted by his wife, who surprises him with the news that she is pregnant.

What is the true ending of 12 Minutes?

This scene, one of the few outside the apartment, is the only definitive end. The husband has resigned to the truth and agrees to leave his wife, and the father either hypnotizes the husband to forget and the time loops have been part of the hypnosis, or the husband has suffered a psychological break due to trauma.

What is the twist in 12 Minutes?

Once Twelve Minutes reveals the husband and wife are half-siblings, the game has one more trick up its sleeve. The third twist of Twelve Minutes is that the apartment where the entire game takes place is actually a mental construct inside the husband’s imagination.

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How many endings does 12 Minutes have?

seven different endings
There are currently seven different endings to the game, and our guide will provide you with tips on how to get them all. Each Twelve Minutes ending will unlock a different achievement, something to keep in mind if you’re an achievement hunter.

Is the husband in 12 Minutes the brother?

The Husband is actually his wife’s half-brother, though he had no knowledge of their relation or murdering their father.

Is there a good ending to Twelve Minutes?

Just wait until the dialogue ends, and the credits will start rolling. And with that, you’ve unlocked the Blissful Ignorance achievement and the game’s “true” ending. It takes exactly nine loops to reach the game’s “true” ending. After the credits finish rolling, you’ll be taken back to the main menu once again.

Are there multiple endings in twelve minutes?

Twelve Minutes has seven different endings, some that are rather abrupt, others inconclusive, and only a few the true ending of the whole story. To find them, players will need to seek out lots of knowledge from every character involved.

How do you escape the loop in 12 Minutes?

You can trigger the the 12 Minutes Listen ending right at the start so skip to the end if you want to do that. Otherwise, explore the flat, talk to your wife and if the evening goes well you’ll have desert and she’ll give you a present. When the cop turns up don’t say or do anything – let the loop play out.

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How do you beat 12 Minutes the game?

How do you get the groundhog at the end of 12 Minutes?

How can I prove my wife in 12 Minutes?

How to Prove the Day is Restarting in 12 Minutes. To prove the day is restarting, talk to your wife. Tell her you’re trapped in a time loop. Select “Choose what to prove with” and then you’ll be able to choose anything in the apartment to make your case.

How do you convince bumblebee in 12 Minutes?

Use the phone to dial Bumblebee’s number and tell her that your wife is innocent. Bumblebee will then call the cop right before he enters the apartment, and convince him to listen to what you have to say. This step is crucial in all future runs in which you try to have a conversation with the cop when he shows up.

How do you get Bumblebee to call her dad?

Similar to before, head back to the closet to phone Bumblebee. Once again, tell her that your wife is innocent and she’ll agree to talk to her father.

Where is the vent in the bathroom in twelve minutes?

After your wife leaves the bathroom and kisses you, go into the bathroom and close the door behind you. Click on the medicine cabinet. Once you’re looking inside the cabinet, look towards the bottom of the screen. You should see a prompt for the vent, so click it.

How do I get her to say where the watch is 12 minutes?

To find out where the watch is in 12 Minutes, go and hide in the closet as soon as the loop starts; you can’t let your wife notice that you’ve entered the apartment. If you do it correctly, the police officer will walk in as usual, but only interrogate the wife.

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How long does 12 minutes take to complete?

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 565 4h 17m
Main + Extras 309 5h 48m
Completionists 159 7h 46m
All PlayStyles 1K 5h 16m

What’s bumblebees number 12 minutes?

Head into the closet and you’ll find a phone in the bag by the clothes. Thankfully, you’ll remember her number from when you called her earlier, so hit ‘Call Bumblebee’ on the right-hand side to call her up. When she picks up, say her father wants to arrest your wife. Then, say your wife is innocent.

Who has beat Elden ring?

speedrunner MitChriz
Yesterday, YouTuber and speedrunner MitChriz beat Elden Ring in just 12 minutes and 32 seconds, setting what appears to be a new record in the “any% unrestricted” speedrunning category for the game.

How do you get mindfulness at the end of 12 minutes?

Keep on looking at the stop watch until a cutscene begins playing. Let the father ramble on until he asks you to “Say Something.” At this point, interact with the book on the shelf behind you. After that, interact with the clock as it strikes 12 to get the “Mindfulness” ending.

How do you get a perfect day for 12 minutes?

She has to drink the mug while eating dessert, otherwise, she’ll pass out too early. After the wife lays down for a nap, head over inside the closet and close the door. The cop will enter the apartment shortly thereafter, become knocked out after he turns on the light, and then he must be pickpocketed.

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