What’s the difference between Staffordshire and Derbyshire Oatcakes?

What’s the difference between Staffordshire and Derbyshire Oatcakes?

Derbyshire oatcakes are similar to Staffordshire oatcakes, but while following a similar recipe Derbyshire Oatcakes contains a small amount of milk in the mixture. they are generally larger in diameter, thicker and when uncooked lighter in colour.

Are Derbyshire Oatcakes healthy?

Derbyshire oatcakes make a great, healthy, frozen standby. They cook straight from solid in a matter of minutes and you really can wrap them around almost anything – very handy, for instance, if you have any saucy left-overs, such as last night’s curry and especially when you are trying to make something stretch.

What are Derbyshire Oatcakes made of?

They are made from equal quantities of oatmeal and plain flour. Derbyshire oatcakes are markedly different from the Scottish biscuit variation. Derbyshire oatcakes also differ slightly from the neighbouring Staffordshire variety.

What do you eat with Derbyshire Oatcakes?

The simplest thing to do with them would be to grate some cheese and add fried onions and mushrooms. You could also try spinach or peppers, hummus or perhaps some tinned salmon.

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What came first Staffordshire or Derbyshire oatcakes?

Promoted Stories. “The history of the oatcake dates back to the 1600s in both regions, so they co-existed at the same time. “In Staffordshire, they were commercialised sooner. They were often sold in the potteries and through open window shops, so there is more clear evidence of oatcakes being there at that time.

Are oatcakes good for you?

Naturally energising. Wholegrains are a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals – oats are high in soluble fibre and also naturally contain manganese**, phosphorus**, magnesium, zinc, iron, folate, vitamin B6 and thiamin. Our oatcakes contain nutrients** that contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

How long will oatcakes keep?

Serve with a selection of cheeses and some chutney. They can be stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place for 2-3 days – after this time they will not be as fresh.

How do you use Derbyshire oatcakes?

One of the most popular ways to eat them is to have them fried – we like to fry them in the bacon fat when cooking a farmer’s breakfast. They also make a really tasty lunch, topped with grated cheese, grilled and then rolled. You could even say they were the original wrap!

How many calories are in a Derbyshire oatcake?

Traditional Staffordshire Oatcakes (1 serving) contains 26.9g total carbs, 25g net carbs, 0.4g fat, 4.7g protein, and 126 calories.

Where are Derbyshire oatcakes made?

Derbyshire Oatcakes have been using the same trusted recipe since 1949. A close guarded family secret, handed down through 3 generations of bakers. Handmade on Owlgreave farm situated in Combs, a quiet village set in the picturesque heart of the Peak District National Park.

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Can you freeze oatcakes?

Additional Information. The oatcakes freeze well, just layer with greaseproof paper and seal in a freezer bag. No need to thaw, just warm under the grill. The oatcakes freeze well, just layer with greaseproof paper and seal in a freezer bag.

How long can you freeze oatcakes for?

Recipe Tips

To freeze the oatcakes, cook them up to and including step 4. Stack them with layers of greaseproof paper or non-stick baking paper between each pancake, then wrap well in two layers of cling film. They will keep for 4–6 months and can be defrosted invidually at room temperature.

How do you heat up oatcakes?

To reheat, they can be put in the oven or microwave, between two plates to keep them moist, or warmed under the grill. Treat yourself, make a batch of oatcakes today and celebrate regional foods.

What can I put on oatcakes?

My oatcakes toppings!
  • Apple & Blackberry.
  • Pesto & Goats Cheese.
  • Boiled Egg.
  • Cheese & Grape.
  • Raspberry Jam.
  • Avocado & Chilli Flakes.
  • Strawberry & Honey.
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese.

Can you microwave oatcakes?

Freshly Baked Oatcakes

They freeze well and are probably the best microwave food in the world. Simply roll up some grated cheese, cooked bacon, tomato, cooked mushrooms – or in fact anything you like – in an oatcake and microwave it on full for about a minute. You can also grill them, or eat them cold.

Are oatcakes a Stoke thing?

It’s a local speciality to Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas. Staffordshire oatcakes date back to the 18th century and they became a staple diet of the pottery workers in the 19th century. They fuelled the workforce of the North Staffordshire industries.

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Who invented the oatcake?

In the 14th century, Jean le Bel accompanied a French count to England and Scotland, and describes nuns making “little pancakes rather like communion wafers”, and this is thought to describe the making of oatcakes.

Where was the oatcake invented?

Oatcakes have been documented as existing in Scotland since at least the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, and likely before then. Oatcakes have also been described as being the “mainstay of Scottish breads for centuries”.

Are oatcakes good for losing weight?

The oatcake is seen as a low-energy dense food, which means it has lower calorie content when compared to its serving size. This means that oatcakes may help you feel fuller on less calories, which when eaten as part of a controlled diet may help you control your weight.

Can oats increase blood pressure?

Oats are rich in soluble fiber and have been shown to significantly lower blood pressure when added to a healthy diet. There’s nothing fancy about it; a serving of good old-fashioned oats is enough to drop blood pressure 12 points after just a few weeks.

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