Why is it called Goody Two Shoes?

Why is it called Goody Two Shoes?

Plot. Goody Two-Shoes is a variation of the Cinderella story. The fable tells of Goody Two-Shoes, the nickname of a poor orphan girl named Margery Meanwell, who goes through life with only one shoe. When a rich gentleman gives her a complete pair, she is so happy that she tells everyone that she has “two shoes”.

Is Goody Two Shoes an insult?

The phrase goody two shoes is a negative expression that is used to describe a person who always tries to behave well and do the right thing. It is used to describe someone who tries too hard to be perfect.

How do you use Goody Two Shoes?

Example Usage

I can’t stand Karen in class. She’s always telling the teacher everything the class does wrong when she’s out of the room. She’s such a goody two-shoes.” “Simon is such a goody two-shoes.

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What’s another word for Goodie Two Shoes?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for goody-two-shoes, like: prig, prude, straight-laced, prudish, puritan, victorian, goody-goody, prissy and upright.

What is the opposite of a goody two shoes?

antonyms for goody-two-shoes

MOST RELEVANT. informal. unconcerned.

What is the name Goody short for?

“Goody” is an informal and shortened version of “Goodwife.” It was used of married women. It was more often used for older women in late 17th century Massachusetts. A woman of higher social status would be addressed as “Mistress” and one of lower social status as “Goody.”

What is a goody-goody girl?

informal + disapproving a person (such as a child) whose good behavior and politeness are annoying because they seem to be excessive or not sincere. The other kids don’t like her because she’s a goody-goody.

What is Goody-Goody mean?

affectedly or ingratiatingly good or proper
Definition of goody-goody

: affectedly or ingratiatingly good or proper.

What’s another word for rule follower?

What is another word for rule follower?
conformist stickler
follower jobsworth
good citizen goody-goody
goody two-shoes groveller
truckler yes-man

What’s the opposite of goofy?

What is the opposite of goofy?
serious mature
levelheaded reasoned
worldly shrewd
wise enlightened
perceptive thoughtful

What’s another word for Goofy?

  • fatuous,
  • foolish,
  • inane,
  • nonsensical,
  • thoughtless,
  • witless.

What is a synonym for uptight?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for uptight, like: strict, tensed, apprehensive, tense, high-strung, jumpy, on-edge, tighten, edgy, overstrung and concerned.

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What is straight laced?

Definition of straitlaced

1 : excessively strict in manners, morals, or opinion. 2 : wearing or having a bodice or stays tightly laced. Other Words from straitlaced Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About straitlaced.

What does it mean to be uptight?

tense, nervous
Definition of uptight

1a : being tense, nervous, or uneasy uptight overachievers. b : angry, indignant. c : rigidly conventional an uptight conservative. 2 : being in financial difficulties.

What is a good wife in medieval times?

Usage. “Goodwife” is a term used to designate women of high social status, typically civilian wives. However, in England, these were not people of the gentry. Goodwives were typically involved in civilian duties but did not necessarily join in church activities.

Is it spelled Goody or goodie?

The case for “goody”

Webster privileges the term goody, as do the Oxford dictionaries. The OED added goody-bag in 2007. But that doesn’t mean the spelling won’t change.

What was a Goodman?

Definition of goodman

1 archaic : the master of a household. 2 archaic : mr.

What does Goody Goody Gumdrops meaning?

A cry of delight on hearing good news
Interjection. goody gumdrops. (childish) A cry of delight on hearing good news. (sarcastic) Implied disdain or disinterest with something. Goody gumdrops, I get to take the trash out!

How do you use Goody Goody in a sentence?

Goody-goody sentence example
  1. It looks like she’s too goody-goody to sue anybody, but I haven’t given up yet. …
  2. She’s a goody-goody and he pulls pranks wearing a leather jacket. …
  3. Discover what lies in store for the goody-goody wartime evacuees as they embark on the most exciting wardrobe themed antics outside of Ikea.
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What is a goofy person?

Definition of goofy

: being crazy, ridiculous, or mildly ludicrous : silly a goofy sense of humor that hat looks goofy.

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